About me

Hi, I’m Chang! I’ve been working as a data professional in a variety of roles: from business and product analytics to modeling and data engineering. I’m also currently working towards a part-time MS in Computer Science through Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program. Beyond data and CS, I enjoy reading and learning about a wide range of subjects: international relations and geopolitics, history, urbanism and city planning, chess, and much more.


Outside of work, I enjoy landscape photography, and will often bring my Fuji X-T20 with me on most hikes or trips I take. You can find my work on my Instagram account, or on my portfolio site.

Substack writing

I also have a personal Substack that I sporadically post to. Right now, it serves as a way to link to interesting things I’ve read lately. This is mostly for the benefit of my friends, who are probably tired of me link-spamming in our group chats. It will also force me to become more thoughtful and deliberate in my reading.

This blog

This site will host any of my more structured writing. As such, new posts will be relatively infrequent.