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Welcome to my personal website! This will be a collection of links to my work, as well as a repository for my sporadic public-facing posts. I’m experimenting with using Gatsby as a static site generator for the first time, so feel free to drop a line if something seems off.

This blog

This site will host any of my more structured writing. As such, new posts will be relatively infrequent.


I enjoy landscape photography, and will often bring my Fuji X-T20 with me on most hikes or trips I take. A selection of my work can be found on my Instagram account, or on my portfolio site.

Substack writing

For now, my hope is to occasionally publish a newsletter with links to interesting things I’ve read lately. This is mostly for the benefit of my friends, who are probably tired of me link-spamming in our group chats. It will also force me to better-organize my own thoughts on what I read.